What’s a congener? What to look for in your cocktail recipes

June 16, 2017

Hangovers. The less friendly companion to a good buzz. While they are somewhat inevitable, there are things you can avoid drinking to possibly minimize (or potentially get rid of) your hangover. We’ve learned that congeners (a result of fermentation that contributes to the color and smell of alcoholic beverages), hidden sugars, artificial ingredients, and high calorie counts may be major contributors to hangovers. So now the goal is to find a cocktail that doesn’t include these ingredients but still tastes good and does the trick.
We want sweet, but not too sugary, strong, but without a high congener count, delicious, but not high in calories and not artificial. You want to have your cocktail the way you like it, without the mess of a hangover the next morning. RAYS is all natural and contains less sugar than most spirits and has much fewer calories! Here are some alternatives to classic cocktails that we think may do the trick:


  • Margarita- artificial margarita mix contains a ton of sugar… use RAYS Lime instead for an all natural, low sugar alternative
  • Long Island Ice Tea- replace the liquor with RAYS Lemon and skip the syrup. You’ll get the delicious taste without mixing liquors and adding unnecessary sugar
  • Whiskey Sour- Bourbon is high in congeners and simple syrup adds a lot of sugar to the mix (that goes without saying.) Use RAYS Lemon and a small splash of bourbon to minimize your hangover potential
  • Mojito- Use RAYS Lime and skip the syrup to simplify the recipe. Still delicious and refreshing with less chance of a hangover

You should be able to enjoy your cocktail exactly the way you like it AND enjoy the next morning. We hope these tricks minimize your hangover and help you catch some RAYS!

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