The Best April Fool’s Day Pranks to Save for Next Year

April 4, 2019

As someone who loves a good prank, April Fool’s Day always sneaks up on me.  Maybe it’s because it falls on the first day of the month, or maybe it’s because I spend too much time thinking about new cocktail ingredients to try… Whatever the reason, pulling off a good April Fool’s Day requires a lot of time and preparation. And honestly, you should probably have a cocktail ready for the prankee so they don’t hate you forever. So without further ado, here are the best April Fool’s Day pranks to save for next year, and a delicious “forgiveness” cocktail to mend your relationships afterwards.

Insect Lamp

This one is great because you don’t have to be there when they find it, therefore they may never know it was you. (Just leave a bottle of RAYS in their fridge and call it a day 😉 )

Step One: Print out a tracing of a bug (the larger the better)

Step Two: Cut out the tracing

Step Three: Tape the paper bug to the inside of a lamp shade

Air Horn Chair

Reminiscent of Jim vs. Dwight, the Air Horn Chair is a foolproof prank. Bonus points if the noise scares more than just the chair’s owner.

Step One: Using black masking tape, tape an air horn to the bottom of an office chair

Cat Facts

Guaranteed to drive even your most cat-loving friends crazy.

Visit this website

Put your friend’s phone numbers in the sign up menu and choose how many messages they will get per day

Lightbulb Switcheroo

You should probably add more RAYS to your forgiveness cocktail for this one…

Step One: Buy Hue smart light bulbs for every lamp in your friend’s house (

Step Two: Download the Hue app

Step Three: Frequently turn their lamps on and off

Forgiveness Cocktail Recipe

1 oz. RAYS Lemon

1 oz. RAYS Blood Orange

.5 oz. Tequila

1 oz. Orange Juice

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