The 4 Types of Cocktail Drinkers

March 31, 2018

Everyone mixes their cocktail differently. Really, that’s the whole reason we created RAYS… it mixes well with everything, and you can have your drink the way you want it. We’ve narrowed down 4 categories of cocktail drinkers based on flavor preference, mixing capability, and general personality. We even threw in some cocktail recipe ideas for ya. Which category do you fall under?

#1 The Classic

        One rule applies to these people: Keep. It. Simple. They’re not looking for fancy ingredients, or a drink that’s going to take a lot of effort to make. They know what they like. Some RAYS over ice, maybe a splash of soda and a lime wedge and they’re good to go. Super easygoing, you’ll likely find them hanging by the lake on the weekend.

RAYS Cocktails for The Classic:

–       The Classic, obviously

–       The Combo

–       RAYS Margarita


#2 The Explorer

        These individuals are up for trying anything and everything. They’re adventurous and excited by new things. Maple Syrup in a cocktail? Go for it. A recipe full of ingredients? Let’s do it! You’d be hard pressed to find a cocktail recipe they haven’t tried. Usually found at new restaurant and bar openings, they’re all about the latest trends in mixology.

RAYS Cocktails for The Explorer:

–       Cranberry Lime Margarita

–        RAYS Strawberry Mint Lemonade

–        RAYS Plum Thyme Soda


#3 The Tried and True

        These are the people who may have started as Explorers and have now found a solid list of favorites that they stick to. Tried and true, they know how to make the best Margarita or Old Fashioned. They’re knowledgeable and committed and they definitely know how to have a good time. You may find them hosting a cocktail party, or behind the bar showing the bartenders how it’s done.

RAYS Cocktails for The Tried and True:

–       RAYS Arnold Palmer

–       The Grey Mule

–       RAYS Whiskey Sour

–       RAYS Maple Old Fashioned


#4 The Novice

        Not sure yet what cocktails they really like, they’re likely sticking with beer when they go out. They’re the most fun to serve to because you feel a sense of accomplishment when they actually like a drink you made for them! (Hint: pour some RAYS lemon in their beer) Laid-back and friendly, you can find them talking to everyone at whatever party you’re attending.

RAYS Cocktails for The Novice:

–       RAYS Lemon Shandy

–       RAYS Maple Lemonade

–       RAYS Lime Pale Ale

Which type of cocktail drinker are you?  Find all of the cocktails from this post here and find out!

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