Spring Break (and the easiest cocktail to accompany your plans)

March 7, 2019

Whether you’re in school, a parent, or just a human being looking for a week off, Spring Break is a welcome refresh after months of winter. Taking a couple of days to relax and have fun is exactly what you need to make it through until summer.

Whatever your plans are this Spring Break, you need an easy-to-make, easily transportable cocktail to accompany you. If you’re planning a picnic with friends, walking to the beach to bask in the sun all day, or heading to a drive in movie and campsite for the night, this cocktail is for you.


Blood Orange Margarita

You’ll Need:

1 bottle of RAYS Lime (link to HEB)

1 bottle of RAYS Blood Orange (link to HEB)

Limes or Jalapenos (pre-sliced) for garnish

A portable pitcher (link to one)

A cooler with ice (link to one)



Pre-slice the limes and jalapenos (put in a ziplock bag)

Pour your bottle of RAYS Lime (chilled) into the pitcher

Pour your bottle of RAYS Blood Orange (chilled)

Place your pitcher, ziplock bag, and ice in a cooler

You’re done! That’s it!

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