Our Summer Mantra

July 11, 2019

Some people do New Year’s Resolutions, we do Summer Mantras. Summer, the best time of the year (in our opinion) can fly by. Dreams of days spent on the lake, long evenings on patio bars with friends, and vacations don’t become a reality as we find ourselves too busy with our normal routine. As Summer ends we look back and wonder why it went by so quickly without us getting to do anything we wanted to do!

So this year our Summer mantra is simple: Make your Summer Dreams a reality. 

Don’t wait for next week, next month, next year… make a list of all of your dream Summer activities and make plans to make them happen! 

See below for Summer inspiration and tips and tricks for how to make your ideas happen!

Tips and Tricks

  • Start Small: Host a pool party, a BBQ, or even a game night with your friends! Get the good vibes started and maybe bring up the idea of a lake-day or beach trip 😉 
  • Set Google alerts for cheap flights: Find the best fares to get away without breaking the bank (https://bit.ly/2RxoMIc )
  • Explore new places in your home city/state: Find a new hiking trail, pool, bar, or restaurant to try! Make a day of it and it’ll feel like you’re on vacation.
  • Pack Smart: Whether it’s bringing your favorite snacks to the beach house rental or packing some RAYS in your suitcase, pack smart so you don’t end up having to buy too much when you’re there.
  • Set up a poll to send to your friends: This will make it easy to pick a weekend, a destination, and any other details difficult to navigate with a lot of people involved. (https://www.poll-maker.com/

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