Cocktails you can take to the pregame

November 10, 2017

Grilling burgers. Chips and dip. Cold air. Good friends. Pregaming football games is what we look forward to every weekend. The warm beer and straight liquor? Not so much…

You need a cocktail that’s easy to make in a batch at home and bring to the pregame with you. We have some options:

  1. RAYS Cherry Limeade

RAYS Lemon, RAYS Lime, Cherry Juice, and Lemon or Lime soda. Simple, quick, delicious.

  1.  RAYS Ginger

RAYS Lime, Ginger ale, and a squeeze of lime. Easy to make, perfect for Fall.

  1. The Combo

Mix RAYS Lemon and RAYS Lime over ice. It doesn’t get easier, or more delicious, than that!

      Be safe and enjoy the game! 

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