What To Do In January

January 10, 2019

We all know the tale of January. The holidays end, and the post-holiday fatigue begins. Everyone chooses new year’s resolutions, gives them a solid week of effort, and then abandons ship by January 15th. It honestly feels like the longest month of the year. So here’s what we think you should actually do this month instead of the above sad story.

Have a Taco Tasting Party

Pick your favorite Taco place. Order everything off of the menu. Make a big batch of Blood Orange Margaritas.


Do Some Yoga

(and maybe don’t take your New Year’s Resolutions so seriously)

Eat all the Popcorn

National Popcorn Day is January 19th!!!


Explore Your City

Seek out a new bar, restaurant, or activity in your town!


Try New Cocktails

Duh! Click here for this one. 😉

Share Your Recipes