What Cocktail Should You Make Based on Your Halloween Costume?

October 23, 2018

Pirate/Witch/Ghost/Any other Classic Costume

  • You’re traditional, classic, and always up for a good time
  • The one at the Halloween party who: brings the best desserts and appetizers
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: The Classic

Super Hero

  • All you wanted when you were a kid was to have super powers, and now you get to live the dream for one night every year
  • The one at the Halloween party who: is most committed to their character the whole night
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: Blood Orange Margarita

Nurse/Police Officer/Fireman/Any Occupation

  • You probably planned your costume at the last minute (or maybe you just secretly want to be this occupation) You have 3 other Halloween events to get to tonight because let’s be honest, you’re the life of the party.
  • The one at the Halloween party who: hypes everyone up and gets people on the dance floor
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: RAYS Cosmo

Pixar/Disney Character

  • You’re sweet, fun-loving, and creative. You’ve been planning this costume for months and it is super detailed!
  • The one at the Halloween party who: people can’t stop saying “I love your costume!” to
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: Raspberry Lemonade or Cherry Limeade

An Animal

  • You probably wear this costume every year, and stand by it (honestly, who doesn’t want to wear a cozy onesie and ears for a night?)
  • The one at the Halloween party who: desperately wants to curl up and watch a scary movie
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: RAYS Whiskey Sour

A quirky play on words or obscure reference

  • You’re clever, witty, and most people don’t understand you. You’re completely prepared (and excited) to explain your costume to people all night
  • The one at the Halloween party who: makes the best cocktails (it’s always the clever ones who come up with the best flavor combinations…)
  • Perfect Halloween Cocktail: The Grey Mule or the Cranberry and Cinnamon Lemon Sour

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