RAYS Genre Playlists

September 24, 2018

With ACL fast approaching, we’ve come up with some fantastic pre-concert cocktails and playlists for you to enjoy!

Blood Orange

As the sweetest flavor of RAYS, it’s only natural that we chose Pop and Electronic music for our Blood Orange playlist. Mix yourself a Blood Orange Gin and Tonic, Blood Orange Lemonade, or Blood Orange Martini and enjoy some upbeat tunes!


Similarly to Alternative Rock music, RAYS Lime has just the right amount of tartness and really packs a punch. It makes the perfect pregame Margarita, and tastes great with tequila!


Smooth, distinct, and refreshing, RAYS Lemon makes the perfect cocktail to kick back and relax with. Mix it with Iced Tea, beer, or Club Soda, and enjoy some laid back folk songs from our Lemon playlist.

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