How to Spring Break When You Have a Full Time Job

March 9, 2018

Do you remember the good old days when you got a full week off from school in the Spring? You could do whatever you wanted; take a vacation, sleep in, soak up the sunshine. It was the best little break from reality.

Then we fall into the trap of becoming an adult with responsibilities, a job, and no available time to enjoy a week to yourself without giving up precious vacation days. This month, we’re all about finding little moments to escape and relax. We may not be kids anymore, but life is still pretty great! And we’re old enough to enjoy a good cocktail…

#1 Pick one day a week where you don’t schedule anything after work

        I know we’re all busy over here. We’ve got events to attend, hobbies to pursue, workout classes to make. The time adds up and before you know it, you don’t have any time left for yourself to relax. Take one day where you aren’t rushing off to the next thing after work. Stay home with Netflix, hang by the pool with a good cocktail, or invite some friends over and enjoy some uninterrupted time with them. (Who’s craving a RAYS Margarita right about now?) It may be just an evening, but it’ll feel so refreshing to break from routine.

#2 Make spontaneous plans with friends

        It can be really hard to find time for friends these days… With long work days, errands to run (who knew grocery shopping could be so time consuming?), and other activities, your week fills up pretty quickly. Remember how fun it was in college when you could just meet up with your friends for a drink after class? Even if you had to stay up all night studying afterwards… Keeping with the spirit of spontaneity we had back then, text your friends midday and invite them out for drinks after work. You’ll be surprised at how excited your friends get over unexpected plans! You work hard, live a little.

#3 Take a long weekend

        Whether it’s a road trip you’ve been dying to take, a long-overdue guys weekend, or just some chill time at home, pick a weekend and book yourself some time. Enjoy the excitement of having something to look forward to and your week will fly by. Plus, the first drink of the weekend will taste amazing. (If you need recipe ideas, we have ‘em here)

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