October 27, 2017

Halloween as a kid meant getting to dress up as your favorite superhero or scary villain and running around your neighborhood collecting candy. As an adult… Halloween means carefully selecting your costume based on effort, cost, and social relevance and running around your friend’s living room collecting cocktails. Life as a kid was great, but Halloween is just better now that cocktails are present.

By now you know that themed cocktails are our thing. So buckle up for some Halloween-inspired ideas to turn your drinks into spooky treats.

1. Make your cocktails Fall Themed (for inspiration click here)

2. Add Candy!

3.  Make your cocktail look spooky by adding red or black dye (Pro Tip: Tonic Water lights up under a blacklight)

Now that the drinks are taken care of, you’re free to enjoy the party. Be safe, be spooky, and have a great weekend!


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