Concert Season 2017!

October 13, 2017

Few things are more fun than seeing your favorite artists on stage. Grabbing drinks with your friends before the show, speculating on what the set list will be. The excitement when they walk out on stage. Watching them play your favorite songs. It’s the best. 

As Austin City Limits Music Festival is this weekend, we’re gearing up for a great time!

To prepare for ACL this weekend, check out our genre-themed cocktails to drink before the show.

Rock: RAYS Bloody Mary


Pop: RAYS Strawberry Mint Lemonade


Electronic: RAYS Coconut Margarita


Country: RAYS Blueberry Mint Julep


Alternative: RAYS Cucumber Cooler

You can find all of the recipes here.

Once you’ve chosen your pre-concert cocktail, get a little taste of some of the amazing artists coming to Austin this season.



Be safe and have an amazing weekend!

Photo by Christen Jakle.

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