All Natural

We strove to create a refreshing spirit that is all-natural with only the highest quality ingredients.  RAYS is made from distilled grapes, with real lemon and lime fruits and real natural pure cane sugar.  RAYS is Gluten Free.  We make our craft spirits in Small Batches to maximize quality.

Made with Real Lemon and Lime
Real lemon and real lime fruit juices are added, giving RAYS authentic flavor and taste of freshly squeezed lemons and limes

Gluten Free
Made from distilled grapes and real fruit, RAYS is completely Gluten Free

No Artificial Sweeteners
Using only natural, pure cane sugar, RAYS contains no artificial sweeteners

No Artificial Colors
RAYS color comes from the natural lemon or lime fruit juice, no artificial coloring is added

34 Proof
At 34 Proof, RAYS is strong, like the sun. Be careful and drink responsibly, it packs a punch

Why We Made RAYS
There is a spirit behind RAYS. What drove us to make RAYS? What was our motivation?